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                                                            A SUCCESSFUL SPECIALTY!!

Sunday Morning August 4th, 2019 was sunny at Spruce Meadows, Alberta, where  thirty-five Staffords were presented to Judge Michael Yates.  We were proud of this showcase of our breed, and positive participation of all Stafford lovers.

The incredible organizers of the Specialty, Krista MacPherson and Terrina Maciborski, solicited friends and supporters from across Canada (and the UK) for the amazing gifts & gift baskets presented to the winners and all paricipants.  With the assistance of our Ring Steward, Paul Price, the show ran seamlessly and even the baby puppies behaved professionally (kind of).

But above all THANK YOU to Krista and Terrina for their commitment and effort to stage a stellar Specialty

And thank you to all our supporters, SBTCC members and dog lovers, for your belief in our breed.


Best of Breed                    GCh Lackyle Bairille Dubailt

Best of Opposite Sex       Ch Hillside Harleen Quinzel

Best of Winners                Distaff Jezebel

Select Dog                         GCh Daydream Kissing Sixth Gear

Select Bitch                       GCh Distaff Bellissima

Award of Merit                 Ch Absolute Dark Chocolate Caramel & Salt

Winners Dog                     Hillside Hugo Strange

Reserve Winners Dog     Weduh Night With Lucifer

Winners Bitch                   Distaff Jezebel

Best Veteran                     GChEx Wimaru's Faugh A Ballagh

Best Canadian Bred        GChEx Wimaru's Faugh A Ballagh

Best Bred by Exhibitor   GCh Distaff Bellissima

Best Stud Dog                  GCh Distaff Black Bart

Best Brood Bitch             GCh Distaff Bellissima

Best Brace                         GCh Distaff Blackbird & GCh Distaff Black Bart

Best Baby Puppy               Hillside Martin Brody

Best of Breed (Altered)    GCh Hillside Charlotte Badger


                                           A NOTE FROM MICHAEL YATES

                                                          Judge of the 2019 Specialty
Sorry for the delay in writing to you. I would like to thank everyone involved in organizing and running your show.
I was truly honored to be selected as the judge for the 2019 National Specialty and would like to thank you for the wonderful gift you presented me.
They are a beautiful treasure that will remind me of your show for ever.
 The Committee should be proud of the event and the wonderful trophy table.  The breeders, exhibitors and owner should also be very proud of the excellent quality of the breed that was on display at your national as well as their sportsmanship.
 The quality of your dogs was excellent and they would be competitive anywhere in the world.
 Again, thank you for your hospitality and the opportunity to judge your dogs.
Michael Yates

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