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BSL UPDATE:  News from Queen's Park

Bill 147, Public Safety related to Dogs Statute Amendment Act, 2019 repealing BSL has been tabled in the Ontario Legislature. 

Our Ontario Director, Candy Beauchamp attended the Media Conference at the Toronto Humane Society and the Ontario Legislature session where the Bill was introduced.  She reported:

The press conference (introducing the Bill) at the Toronto Humane Society went off really well. MPP’s Rick Nichols and David Piccini spoke clearly about how the amendments to the DOLA and the new PAWS (Provincial Animal Welfare Services Act) go together.  PAWS will put the onus of responsibility firmly on the owners of animals (Irresponsible owners will be fined up to $75,000  for a first offence, or 6 months in jail). Education is advocated as well.  The changes in the amendment to the DOLA are to remove the breed specific portion and to push for ownership responsibility.  Rick Nichols dubbed it “Owner Specific Legislation” which is very apt in my opinion.
Cheri di Novo attended as well and spoke, as did a spokesperson from the Ontario Veterinary Association, and the introduction was from the Toronto Humane Society. Questions were answered clearly and concisely by David Piccini. This MPP knows his stuff and was well able to deal with the usual questions from the Toronto Star.
Over to Queen's Park, where the Second reading started just after 3pm.  MPP Nichols introduced it.  Members of the NDP and Conservative parties discussed it and when the vote was taken, it passed 36-12.  Sadly 3 Conservative Ministers voted against the Bill. The Bill has gone to committee and 3rd reading.  No date has been set yet.
Candy Beauchamp 
Ontario Director

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                                                            A SUCCESSFUL SPECIALTY!!

Sunday Morning August 4th was sunny at Spruce Meadows, Alberta, where  thirty-five Staffords were presented to Judge Michael Yates.  We were proud of this showcase of our breed, and positive participation of all Stafford lovers.

The incredible organizers of the Specialty, Krista MacPherson and Terrina Maciborski, solicited friends and supporters from across Canada (and the UK) for the amazing gifts & gift baskets presented to the winners and all paricipants.  With the assistance of our Ring Steward, Paul Price, the show ran seamlessly and even the baby puppies behaved professionally (kind of).

But above all THANK YOU to Krista and Terrina for their commitment and effort to stage a stellar Specialty

And thank you to all our supporters, SBTCC members and dog lovers, for your belief in our breed.

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Thanks to Belle Severn for designing this plaque to commemorate the 2019 "Squibs Mercier Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada National Specialty

In Memoriam

Sunday December 2nd, 2018 was a very sad day in the Staffordshire Bull Terrier world. We have lost a true matriarch of our breed. Squibs Mercier passed away early Sunday morning. Her family was with her. 


Squibs was 94. She got her first Stafford in 1932 when her father brought one home. She never lived a day with out one from that time on. A loyal Stafford person to the core, she never owned another breed. From England ,she knew all the forefathers of our breed, many personally. After coming to Canada she helped found the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada 51 years ago and was still an active member. Squibs was also a 66 year member of the CKC and Ottawa Kennel Club. 

Other than her family, her life was the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Her house, which she named the Stafford Arms was like a museum of Stafford art she had collected through her life. Many meetings and good times have been at the Stafford Arms. 

Squib's true Stafford spirit, tuff as nails attitude, quick wit and die hard spirit for anything to to with her beloved breed weather fighting BSL or keeping the breed alive in the show ring through it all. There is not enough room here to tell you all what she has meant to us in Canada and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier community around the world. We are heart broken. To say that her huge presence will be missed is an understatement. 

Our hearts and thoughts go out to Squibs family at this sad time.


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New and Noteworthy!

The Club has received permission from the CKC to permanently name our National Specialty Show the "Squibs Mercier Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada's National Specialty Show" each year we have one.  This will be a lasting tribute to the lady who personified our breed.


Membership is for individuals who wish to participate in or be associated with the activities of the Club. Yearly dues of $25.00 are payable in CDN funds to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of Canada (SBTCC) each year on January 1st.   We welcome inquiries.  

The membership application is here:





Payments can be made by cheque or etransfer to the

Club Secretary.


Mailing address:

Belle Severn, Secretary & Membership Chair

              7339 Fourth Line Road, RR#4

              Kemptville, ON  K0G 1J0

              613 489-3158

              FAX 613 489-3331


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